Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm

Dylan Zeitlyn, Elango Dev, S’ra De Santis, Hilary Martin, & Hayden Boska: vegetables, fruit, herbs

phone: (802) 324-5962

Diggers' Mirth was founded in 1992 and currently has five members farming 15 acres. This is a worker-owned and operated farm. The name Diggers' Mirth was derived from a British agrarian collective that operated in the mid-1600s. The original Diggers reclaimed abandoned land to grow food for themselves and the poor. All collective members taking part in the farm have an equal voice in its operation.

Each year Diggers' Mirth cultivates approximately 2/3 of the field and cover crops the other portion to ensure soil regeneration, growing over 40 types of certified organic vegetables and fruits. Their most popular and focus crops are mesclun and carrots. The Diggers sell to City Market, Healthy Living, American Flatbread, Mirabelles, Sugarsnap, and Trattoria Delia. Additionally, they attend the Burlington Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays, 8:30-2:30, and the Old North End Farmers Market on Tuesdays 3-6:30.


Lalumiere Farmstand and Greeenhouse

Louie and Karolyn Lalumiere: vegetables, bedding plants, fruit

phone: 802-877-2572

We are a family owned and operated business. On any given day you can find one or all three of our sons working in the field along side their uncle and dad, helping mom transplant, running the farm stand or assisting with sales at one of the three farmer’s markets we attend weekly. Twenty years ago we began selling, at a local store, excess produce from our very large garden. Five years later we sold our heifers, gave up hay land and went into serious vegetable farming. We focused on a wholesale customer base. Ten years ago we shifted our efforts to retail sales and farmers markets. Our greenhouse production was expanded.


UVM Farmer Training Program

seasonal vegetables, flower bouquets and whole frozen chickens.


UVM’s Farmer Training Program is a six-month, hands-on program for aspiring farmers and food-systems advocates that provides experiential, skills-based education in sustainable agriculture. We host 20 students from around the country who have come to learn from Vermont’s vibrant food system.


Dirty Dog Farm

Josh Schwab: seasonal vegetables, flowers, eggs, pastured chicken, forest raised pork

phone: (914) 589-9330

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